BSP female swivel cone 60°

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FLL1S1 *
61/4A622825-060G1/4-19 A GAS222017
61/4A622825-061G3/8-19 A GAS222122
103/8A622825-100G3/8-19 A GAS242222
103/8A622825-101G1/2-14 A GAS242327
121/2A622825-120G1/2-14 A GAS292327
121/2A622825-121G5/8-14 A GAS292427
165/8A622825-160G5/8-14 A GAS422627
165/8A622825-161G3/4-14 A GAS422632
203/4A622825-200G3/4-14 A GAS422832
203/4A622825-202G1"-11 A GAS423341
25"1"""A622825-250G1"-11 A GAS463041
for s.p.a. - norme e dimensioni soggette a modifiche senza preavviso.
for s.p.a. - design details and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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